Meg Hayworth, PhD

Your body holds the keys to your wellness, and Dr. Meg can help you find them.
Dr. Meg’s own proven mind-body medicine process, Whole Person Integration Technique, has assisted thousands of people to gain clarity, vibrant health, and resolution of difficult past experiences.

Dr. Meg has witnessed diseases disappear, surgeries no longer needed, and loves to play in what she calls “the realm of miracles.”

Dr. Meg Haworth has been featured on NBC Nightly News, The Huffington Post, The Los Angeles Times, Hayhouse Radio, The Mindshare Summit conference stage, and numerous online summits and podcasts.

She has authored 8 books including Done with Dairy. Giving up Gluten; 14 Days to a Delicious and Healthy You and her recent best-seller, Get Well Now; Healing Yourself with Food and The Power of The Mind.

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