Matt Gersper: Why Now is the Perfect Time to Panic

Matt Gersper is a man on a magnificent journey to help all of us turn our inspirations into action. He has been cutting through the “stuff of life” with a mission to go where few men make the effort to go – Happy Living though the improved health and well-being.

When life is going sideways, Matt thought…why not P.A.N.I.C.?!? He gives us action steps to take to P.A.N.I.C. perfectly.

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My Angel at Heaven’s Gate by Matt Gersper

You were me, until I became you
It was God’s wish… there was nothing we could do
The Master’s plan required that you would go to Him
Then He put me here on earth in the space you would have been
The space He let me fill has been like a heaven on earth
My life has been so blessed… full of love, happiness and mirth
It was many years until I understood my fate
I was born with my own special angel living at Heaven’s gate
I can now reflect back on my wonderful life and see the many moments
your grace helped me through strife
I have walked with a calm and confidence that often unnerved another
If they only knew my secret, I was given strength from my brother
I am so grateful for the gift given to me at my birth
I await our wondrous meeting when my time ends here on earth